Thermal Relief Valve & Safety Relief Valve

Thermal Relief Valve Usually 1/2″ or less, the thermal relief valve is designed to relieve excess pressure in a piping or equipment that might have built up due to temperature rise. This valve is mostly used when liquid is blocked in pipe.  Safety Relief Valve It acts as a fail-safe and provides pressure protection from steam, water, Read more about Thermal Relief Valve & Safety Relief Valve[…]

Steam Traps , Valves & Others

Steam Traps  We supply a variety of steam traps. In addition, we also supply vacuum breakers, thermodynamic air vents, liquid drain traps, and float type air eliminators.  Valves We supply the valves shown above as well as breather, gate, globe, swing check, wafer check, dual plate check, SS 3-Piece ball valve.  Others We supply pressure gauge, spiral Read more about Steam Traps , Valves & Others[…]

Control Valve

 Perfect Engineering Services We supply Control Valves for a variety of industrial purposes.    Control Valve  Control valves, or Final Control Element, is primarily used to control the flow, pressure, temperature, and the liquid’s level. Depending on the signals received from controllers, the valve may partially or fully open or close. The actuators, which maybe electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic, act Read more about Control Valve[…]

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