• Size: 25NB – 150NB
  • Inlet Pressure: 10kg/cm2 to 200kg/cm2
  • Minimum Outlet Pressure: 50mm WC
  • Material: Cast Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel
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Complete assembled unit of pressure reducing station, sized and selected for controlling pressure in Natural Gas, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, LPG, Air, etc. Each PRS is sized and manufactured based on customers process parameters such as Flow Rate, Inlet Pressure, Outlet Pressure, other Safety requirements such as Safety Shut-off Valve with Over Pressure and Under Pressure setting, Diaphragm Operated Relief Valve, Flame arrester etc. can be incorporated as required. Active 7 Monitor Regulators with by-pass line is also possible. The unit gives excellent Downstream Control of Pressure with full safety.

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