Vacuum Breaker and Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Air Vent

We supply Vacuum Breakers and Balanced Pressure 
Thermostatic Air Vents for a variety of industrial needs. 
Vacuum Breaker
Vacuum breaker works like a check valve since it allows the entry of air in the steam or liquid system while preventing the escape of steam or liquid. It fits best on steam inlets to heat exchangers, chilled water lines, jacketed kettles, liquid process lines, boiler feed water lines and air coils, to permit the entry of air whenever vacuum develops. 
We have two sizes available: 
System connection: DN15
Air inlet connection: DN8, 10, 15   
Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Air Vent
Designed especially for removing air and non-condensible gases from steam systems, the thermostatic air vent seeks to remove them and helps in achieving better start-up efficiency and heat transfer in normal operation. 

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