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Company background: Bharat Rasayan Ltd is a leading manufacturer of technical grade pesticides, intermediates & bulk formulations conforming to international standards.
Challenge: The Challenge Bharat Rasayan’s Mokhra facility in Haryana was battling with acute water loss due to high levels of TDS contamination. The company wanted to achieve: Prevention of water pollution and loss, Energy saving and Environment sustainability.
Our Approach: Perfect engineering services designed and executed a contamination detection system which helped in detection of water having high TDS to be drained and the re-use of water having permissible TDS values. A steam operated condensate recovery pump is being used to transfer the permissible TDS water back to the boiler leading to conservation of electrical energy.
Impact: Staggering recovery of more than one crore liters of water per annum, reduction of water pollution, high amount of energy savings per annum.

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Suppliers of Valves for High Pressure and High Temperature Services


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