Condensate Recovery System


The condensate recovery pump (PCP) is chiefly used for pumping hot condensate, and is a completely non-electric solution designed to lift condensate to the boiler feed-water tank. Condensate contributes to approximately 15 to 20% of the steam heat and hence in today’s competitive market, it is inevitable to recover condensate (one of the purest forms of water). Only one moving part (i.e. internal float assembly) makes this as a most rugged and cost effective method for condensate recovery.

Salient Features

  • No electricity required – negligible operating costs.
  • Only movable part – Minimum chances of failure
  • Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas.
  • Single spring design and no rotating parts ensures balanced movement of float due to uniform expansion/ contraction.
  • All stainless steel internals give excellent corrosion resistance for long trouble-free service
  • Negligible cost of operation – exceptionally low maintenance costs

Operating Principle

Condensate to be pumped enters the tank via the inlet check valve – the vent valve is open and the steam/air valve is closed. As the condensate level rises in the tank, the float rises. When the condensate level reaches its ‘high level’, the compression spring simultaneously forces the vent valve to close and the motive steam/air (pressure) valve to open. The pressure forces the condensate through the exit of the check valve. During the pumping cycle, the float drops as the condensate level recedes to the ‘low level’. The action of the compression spring then simultaneously forces the vent valve to open and the motive steam/air valve to close. Pressure in the pump tank is released through the vent and the condensate to be pumped enters through the inlet check valve, thus repeating the cycle.


  • Returning hot condensate to the boiler has several benefits
  • Fuel saving due to utilization of the energy from hot condensate
  • Reduced make-up water requirement as a boiler feed water
  • Being highly pure, condensate saves cost of water treatment
  • Less condensate discharged into the sewer reduces disposal cost
  • The mechanical (non-electric) operation of the PCP saves the cost of power required to run an electric pump 

Ordering Information

  • Condensate load (kg/hr)
  • Required head for lifting condensate to the boiler feed-water tank (m)
  • Line pressure/Back pressure of Condensate piping after pump
  • Filling head available (m)
  • Motive pressure available for pump operation (kg/cm2)(g)
  • Stand-alone unit or skid with receiver tank (Simplex, Duplex, Triplex) Motive fluid available – steam/air/gas

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