Deluge Valve

Perfect Engineering’s Deluge Valves are manufactured with Dry Trim (Pneumatic Actuated) and Wet Trim (Hydraulically Actuated). Both options are available with Electrical Trim Solenoid Actuated. All trims are factory piped on the Valve itself. It also has Manual Station as Test Trim, Manual Override and Drain Line. The valve opens on demand to provide water flow to the fire protection sprinkler systems. Pilot system can be hydraulically, pneumatically or manually operated. Opening of the Valve is by electrical signal to solenoid valve/loss of control pressure.


The Pilot and Diaphragm design has many advantages as:

  • Quick response/fast opening
  • Low friction
  • High flow capacity
  • Minimum maintenance

Imported Diaphragm & Patented Quad Seal Ring for zero leakage.






  • Size: 50NB-400NB