Self Cleaning Filters

Self-Cleaning Filters are widely used for continuous filtration requirement without any replacement of filter consumables and without exposure of operator. Self-cleaning filter assures continuous flow, trouble free operation and simplified maintenance. Scrapper mechanism self-cleaning is used for preliminary filtration following the same principle of differential pressure. It is easy to clean the element just by rotating knob or outside shaft handle manually or by geared motor. The contaminant from the element is removed by a brush or scrapper blade and collected at the bottom which can be drained out easily.


The medium to be cleaned is guided into the filter by inlet which passes from inside to outside through the element gap. The contaminants are separated on the inner surface of filter element. When it runs for a certain time, the gap between element wires gets plugged up by impurities and meanwhile the differential pressure reaches its pre-set value. Then PLC inspects the signal and sends out the indication to gear motor. The gear motor drives the scrapper shaft and the impurities are removed from the element surface, thereby keeping the function of element well and keeping the element gap clean.
When the impurities at the bottom of the filter increases, the drain valve opens up and the impurities are emptied successfully, which makes the system pressure achieve normality. Because of the well-set position and optimum scraping angle, the rotational scrapper drains off the impurities from the filter with the help of gear motor. This avoids the burden of taking apart the element and washing it. The scrapper system contains agitator, Mechanical seal and control panel, which are designed for automatic cleaning, and specially for the reasonable spring pressure, reducing the element’s abrasion.