Auto Re-circulation / Refueller Valve

The “Auto Re-circulation / Refueller Valve” from Perfect Engineering Services is a state-of-the-art solution designed to precisely control the pumping pressure during aircraft refueling operations. Equipped with either a Solenoid Override or Pneumatic Override, this valve offers an added layer of safety to the system, enabling full flow re-circulation through remote operation. When deployed in the main line, it ensures the upstream pressure does not fall below a predetermined value, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the system. Alternatively, its installation on a By-Pass line allows for the main line pressure to be regulated by diverting excess pressure into a By-Pass/sump, making it an ideal choice for pump by-pass applications aimed at protecting downstream equipment.


The valve features a relief pilot which remains normally closed due to spring tension. However, should the upstream pressure exceed the set threshold, the pilot opens, causing the main valve to fully activate. This functionality is supported by a spring range of 20-200 psig as standard, with an optional range of 5-30 psig available, catering to a wide array of operational requirements and ensuring optimal performance in critical fueling operations.

Spring Range:

Standard: 20-200 psig.

Optional: 5-30 psig.

Size: 25NB – 400NB