Thermodynamic Steam Traps

The thermodynamic steam traps consist of a disc or valve that is held in place by a lever. The disc has a specific shape that allows it to move in response to changes in fluid velocity. When steam flows into the trap it creates high-velocity, low-pressure conditions that cause the disc to lift, releasing the condensate. As the steam pressure decreases, the disc closes, preventing the escape of steam.


This basic working principle makes thermodynamic steam traps reliable and effective in removing condensate.  As the leading manufacturer of valves, Perfect Engineering Services produces high-quality steam traps that are capable of handling both high-pressure and high-temperature systems with the added advantage of resistance to water hammer. 


Thermodynamic steam traps are used across industries for their ability to work across a range of pressure where they can handle both light and heavy condensate loads without the requirement of any manual adjustment. They are also less prone to blockage from dirt or debris compared to other trap types.