Flame Arrestor

Flame Arresters, offered by Perfect Engineering Services, are essential safety devices designed to prevent the spread of flames in systems carrying flammable liquids. These devices are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 15mm to 800mm, and can be constructed from various materials. 


The Flame Arrester functions based on the concept of quenching the flame by cooling down the temperature and velocity of the gas stream. The device has an element with small passages that allow the gas to pass through. These passages have a flame barrier to block the passage of flame from one side to the other. When a flame front reaches the Flame Arrester, it loses energy as it passes through the element, causing the temperature and velocity of the gas stream to drop. This decrease in temperature and velocity extinguishes the flame, thus preventing it from spreading through the system.


Perfect Engineering Services offers high-quality Flame Arresters constructed from the best available materials, ensuring safety and protection for your system carrying flammable liquids.

End of Line Deflagration

Inline Detonation

Inline Deflagration