Y-Type Strainers

Y-type strainers get their name from the close resemblance in shape to the letter “Y”. These are highly efficient in filtering out solid contaminants and debris from liquid and gas mediums. It utilizes a  mesh-lined screen positioned at a 45-degree angle within the strainer body. When the fluid or gas enters the strainer through an inlet,  it flows through the strainer body and passes through the screen.


Here the screen traps all contaminants and solid debris, allowing only the clean fluid or gas to exit through the outlet. The collected debris can be removed by manually opening a drain plug or removing the strainer cover for maintenance.


Perfect Engineering Services as the leading valve manufacturer, has been bringing the best Y-type strainers into the market that provide high-efficiency filtration, easy maintenance, and application across a wide range of fluids, including water, oil, gases, and steam.


The need to filter out contaminants and debris to provide a clean fluid to the system is crucial to enhance the reliability and lifespan of the mechanical system.